Frequently Asked Questions

Teaching and Assessing AP Online Modules

What are the Teaching and Assessing AP online modules?

Teaching and Assessing AP online modules are free online professional learning resources that provide samples of the new question types to use with your students, videos of master teachers modeling key instructional strategies, and resources to help you implement these strategies in your classroom. They are currently available for AP Calculus AB and BC, AP European History, AP U.S. History, and AP World History.

How do I access the Teaching and Assessing AP online modules?

AP Calculus AB and BC, AP Computer Science Principles, European History, U.S. History, and World History teachers have been granted free access to these resources for their subjects.

To access the online modules, click the link for the appropriate subject below, enter your College Board professional account login – the same username and password you use to access your AP Course Audit account, online score reports, AP Insight, and other College Board websites – and agree to give the College Board permission to send your information to AcademicMerit when prompted to do so. (This is necessary to grant you access to the modules, and will not be used for any purpose other than to grant you that access.)

If you have problems, contact or 207-210-6564. Note that if you accessed the AcademicMerit platform last year, you will be able to use that same login information.

I don’t have a College Board login. How do I access this resource?

You need to have a College Board login and to be either AP Course Audit authorized or have at least started the AP Course Audit process for the relevant subject. If you have a College Board login and are not able to access the resource, it may be because you have not begun the AP Course Audit process for that subject.

If you believe you’re unable to access this resource in error, please reach out to AcademicMerit through the contact information listed above.

Are Teaching and Assessing AP online modules for AP teachers only?

Yes, these are designed as AP teacher resources. Though they contain material you can use with your students, student accounts are not available.

Can I get CEU credit for completing the online modules?

Yes. From the home screen for each Teaching and Assessing AP subject, you’ll see how many CEUs you can earn from completing each module. Upon completion, you’ll be able to download a certificate indicating that you have earned the relevant amount of CEUs.

AP Insight

AP Insight is a set of research-based tools targeting concepts and skills critical to college success. By identifying common stumbling blocks, AP Insight provides a road map to building course mastery and increases your impact on all students as you prepare, teach, assess, and act. For additional information on AP Insight, please visit

General Questions

Can I print the material?

Yes. The Resources button will have links to PDFs of all of the available material for a given module.

Are all scores given to student samples final?

Yes. That means that, while your work cannot be reset, you can go back and review your previous answers.

What should I do if I have technical problems?

Send a message using the "Contact Us" form under the Help button at the top of each page.